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Thursday, November 16th, 2006
4:54 pm
Wow. I haven't been on livejournal in over a year! CRAZY!
Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
5:56 pm
Shmyeah see!
Hey y'all!

A lot of you folks came out to the last Ironsides show, and I want you to know- it's goin' down again! THE WALKING DEAD!!! No joke suckaz!!!

Poppin' off this Saturday night (10/15/05) around 9pm, I have been lead to believe that it's going to rock! We are quite pleased to announce that we'll be sharing the bill with Sacramento's own- The Helper Monkeys! These cats (or monkeys rather) have been rockin' the 916 for years and we here at Walking Deadquarters are anticipating the recital with no small degree of enthusiasm. Shmyeah, see!

Also no strangers to the Sactown rock (or roll for that matter) scene, headliners The Knockoffs return to the cozy confines of the Grand Ol' Ironsides, brandishing their particular punch of punk rock. These guys are punk rock soldiers of the first degree and they never disappoint, so if you can't make it Saturday- you're stupid! But for real though, The Knockoffs rank among my favorite local acts of all time, and if you happen to be familiar with our Capital City sounds, that's sayin' a lot! Shmyeah!

So mark the date and don't be late! (Really, we're playing first.) Here's the punk rock concentrate you hooligans:

The Walking Dead
w/ The Knockoffs
& The Helper Monkeys
Saturday October 15th
Old Ironsides
1901 10th St
Sac Town, Cali
9pm $7 21+

Be there or be square! (Also check us out on Halloween @ Old I!) -Zack B. Hectic
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
5:29 pm
Dead Rock Old Ironsides!


Calling all Deadmen!
Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for... ANOTHER WALKING DEAD GIG!!


Not just any show mind you, don't miss a moment of the action as The Walking Dead prepare to unleash their sonic assault upon the hallowed halls of OLD IRONSIDES!
Yes indeed, you read right, after much practice and perseverence The Walking Dead are prepared to make their long-awaited downtown debut and it all goes down this Friday night!!!

Now you folks have all been really awesome coming out and supporting us as we brought our rock-infused brand of rock to the furthest reaches of Mordor, and for this I thank thee deeply and utterly. It is with this gratitude in my heart that I entreat y'all to make it out on Friday for the big one. Check the facts Jack!

The Walking Dead with

The Knockoffs- Sactown punk stalwarts featuring members of The Mr. T Experience and The Secretions!

Rock The Light- These guys are one of the most shreddingest bands out there! Make sure to drop by for a little taste of rock 'n' roll glory!

Va Va Voom- Frontman Cary Rodda is a living legend, composer of such tours de force as "White Trash Girl" and "I'm An Idiot".

When? Friday August 19th 9:00pm

Where? Old Ironsides 1901 10th St (on the corner of 10th and S St).

What? $7 ya hooligans! 21+ (Sorry kids, we love you!)

Got it? Listen folks, you gotta go, ya just gotta! It's gonna be fuckin' AWESOME!!!!
We're playing first so make sure you turn up at 9:00pm sharp! The show's gonna be recorded so make sure you rest your pipes this week, so's we can all get LOUD!

Peace! 916! East Sac fool! We out!
Saturday, August 6th, 2005
1:51 pm
This is Live Journal!!!
Sharon Anderson of Monte Vista: "It's like the journal I kept in high school, but it's just so... LIVE!"
This is Live Journal!!!
Randy Atkinson, Rancho Murieta: "My friends spend all their time and money at the bar, but I've got my journal... LIVE JOURNAL!"


Zack B. Hectic here. You may be wondering what the hell that was. Don't mind me, just trying to get a little live journal excitement going. Lately, when online, I've taken to the my space route. It's not that I don't love the LJ, but the little time I've had for writing has gone towards promoting The Walking Dead. And while my viewership is much larger on my space, the situation has been compounded by a lack of LJ activity. Dickdawg, where you at? Sarah, get online and talk some shit girl!

However, suddenly my LJ friends page is alive with activity! People be making up, breaking up, and havin' babies! Not to mention moving to Portland. LIVE JOURNAL!!!! Back in business!

Also I have very exciting (to me anyway) things to report! I know y'all sick and tired of scrolling through updates concerning The Walking Dead, some punk band playing in Roseville (like I care). However we here at Club Dead are thrilled to announce that we have secured a booking at Old Ironsides, that venerable venue of virulent virtue... NOT IN ROSEVILLE!!!
Not only are we pleased to play at a (kick ass) downtown location, but we're also thrilled to share the bill with The Knockoffs and Va Va Voom (what up Cary!), a couple Sac-Punk bands bound to contribute to a rockin' evening in a couple weeks. Having been an employee at Old Ironsides for over two years, I feel a combination of enthusiasm and anxiety now that I'll be the one onstage. Optimism reigns.

We also have a September show lined up- we're "headlining" The Boardwalk! (Headlining is the glamorous version of "We're playing last.") Between The Boardwalk and Old Ironsides we're playing two of Sacramento's finest venues.

Finally on the band front, my supervisor at Music Circus David Stonehouse drew up a really awesome logo for The Walking Dead. Now we must moichendize!

Other than that, things are good, though busy as shit-fuck! Never in my life have I been able to sleep through an alarm clock, but four out of my last five day shifts, I've done exactly that. Time to buy a loud non-cell-phone alarm I guess.

Signed up for another Sac City semester. 13 units. Music Theory, Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking, Political Science: US Government, and finally, some math class with a wierd name. Hoo boy. Here's to Christmas! Cheers!

Thought I was busy now, it's about to get crazy, or should I say, LIVE!!!

LIVE JOURNAL 4 EVA! Peace out.
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
4:51 pm
Congratulations Regina!
Regina's havin' a baby!!!
That's tha shiznit!
That's bomb!
That's off the chain!
You go girl!
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
12:46 pm
Ron Is Dumbledore!
Hey what's up party people?
I'm chillin' at work right now.
What am I listening to right now you ask? Creedence bitch! Chronicle 2 don't you know. I've just returned from my lunch break (I like to take the early lunch) and now I'm high! No I didn't hit the crack pipe in the alley behind Music Circus, but I did drink a diet rockstar and eat a spicy burrito. I'm flyin'! Wild!
Went to my homeboy Lico's BBQ last nite. In Natomas y'all, Natty-O roastin'. Lico was kind enough to prepare chicken, burgers, and sausage (garlic and cheddar). Discriminating readers may not that that's three, count 'em three different barnyard aminals! (Chicken, cow, and pig.) Also tortilla chips with a zesty cheese dip. Well done Mr. Whitfield!
I have read the sixth Harry Potter book! It was awesome! Thrills, spills, twists, turns, and surprises! Also chills. Ron is Dumbledore!!! Dumbledore is Ron!!! Whoda thunk? Oops spoiler, oh well.
Let the midnite special shine a light on me...
CCR y'all. What?
Walking Dead show 2nite. Nobody cares, poor me, nobody even cares at all! Sike! Hella peeps are comin' out! It's gonna be righteous! (See previous entry for details.)
Played an open mic a couple nights ago with Sean Bollinger (and me, The Dynamic Uno). Went really well, people treated us like rock stars afterwards.
Fuck yeah!
Apparently we (The Walking Dead) just got written up in this little metal mag saying something along the line of "The Walking Dead are the hardest punk band in Sacramento". Shmyeah! Put that on the website and smoke it!
Don't know if anybody's still reading this entry after wading through all the badly written (though enthusiastic) self promotion, but check it out. I'm losing all my friends soon. My homie Matty B is moving to the P.O. and that fool David's gon' be gone for New York with Lico. Even James is talking about moving to L.A. My little sister Rita is going back to S.F. in a couple days. A.K. is already gone as are Jon and Ryan of course and Wardo is planning once again on the East Coast right quick. I'll still have The Walking Dead of course... But what of the once thriving downtown social life? I heard George is moving to Rome! Damn! I want to move now too, but I also want to finish city college and stick it out with The Walking Dead. I do want adventure to the max and all that...
Will Zack finish scool in Sactown? Will The Walking Dead ever record a demo? What did Lico put in his cheese-dip?
All this and more, next time on... Chronicles in Argyle.

Oh, got a lead on some hip frames for my blind ass!
Friday, July 29th, 2005
3:41 pm
Yo yo yo!
Zack B. Hectic here. Doin' my duty to keep you cats hip to the tip. This time around we set our scene in fair uh, Roseville. Surprise surprise! Roseville California get ready to rock. We'll play downtown someday, worry not. At the moment we cast expectant eyes upon old distant relatives with ailing health. Perhaps inheritance will be the missing link to a Walking Dead demo tape. Then we'll have proof of rock! (Right now it's more like "Seriously man, we hella rock, I'm serious!")
It is to my great delight to announce this announcement: The Walking Dead have a new song! Stop the press! A new song you say? True fans of The Walking Dead (we call them Dead-heads) will know that new material at a Walking Dead show is unsurprising, nay, to be expected. However this particular new song really rocks a shitload in a way our previous tracks do not. Of course, all our tracks rock a shitload (obviously), but in a different way. The new song is special you see. That's right suckaz, see ya on VH-1! Shmyeah!
Now dig this Club Dead!

The Walking Dead
w/ Judhead
Harm's Reach
Saturday July 30th
@ Shady Brady's
229 Riverside Ave
Roseville, CA
9:11pm $5 21+

Regarding the other performers of the evening, I'm told they put on a good show and like to drink. Bottoms up playboys!
So come one, come all, just come along with five bucks y'all! This is the only show we have booked in the area until October so far and we would love to see ya hepcats! Kill the president! Oi!
-Zack B. Hectic
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
2:32 pm
Settin' The Woods On Fire!
Hey y'all.
Hank Karaoke II last night by the Alkali Flats was pretty great. (By the way- the II was meant to designate the second karaoke night, not the second Hank Williams.) The turnout wasn't nearly what it was last time around which enabled me to sing three songs. I got off work at 6 and went home, chilled, and practiced Jambalaya. My reasoning was that last time I sang "Lovesick Blues" which is a total yodeler, so I wanted to go with something a little more straight ahead, something the crowd could get into. I get to the Grand Ole Ironsides a wee bit late. Last time this happened, the sign-up list had been full so I was forced to spend the whole night at the edge of the stage jockeying for a slot near the end (which ended up rocking). So I was relieved to hear the band had yet to start. I went straight to the sign-up list and found Jambalaya (On The Bayou) and don't ya just know it? Someone had already claimed it. A closer inspection revealed that I knew the person who had signed up for it. In fact, said person was none other than my own mother. Damn Mom! I'm tryin' to sing an' shit and you go stealin' my song!
I had showed up with homeboys-in-arms David and Lico and we soon met up with Sarah, as well as my mother and her new fiancee Paul. Jon Boston came by later to round out the posse. When the band finally started (looking and sounding like Louisiana circa 1950) who was the first up but my mom. She signed up for 4 songs including the one I was tryin' to get David on! But it was great. The beer flowed, the band wowed, and I git drunk! The band took an intermission and when they came back the second song up was me and my mom singin' Jambalaya. It went fairly smoothly and proved quite enjoyable. A little later the band called me back up to sing Window Shoppin'. Immediately thereafter they read my name off the list as I had signed up for "Settin' The Woods On Fire". In the interest of fairness, a couple other fellas (nice singers, both!) came up and we rotated verses. Things were winding down to the end of the night when the call came for Hank's spiritual anthem "I Saw The Light". My mom took the stage again and I hustled david up and followed him on. David did great, we seemed to get the crowd into it, we had harmonies (to an extent) and fun. It was fun. I love Hank. Big props to the Alkali Flats for going boldly forth and performing their civic duty!!! The people want Hank, who's gonna put things right?
Then Sarah was kind enough to drive me to Del Taco where a pound of beans and cheese (and tortilla) finished things off quite nicely. Live journal old friend, it's been too long, what!
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
1:55 pm
Dead Rock Roseville!!!
What up Club Dead?!?

Droppin' a line on y'all just to tell you about an AWESOME show comin' up. I know it's Saturday right now and everybody's waiting with baited breath, but have no fear... Tuesday's almost here! That's right ladies and gents, Tuesday night in Roseville, it's gonna be off the chain!!! Wooooo!!! !!! !!!

Now check out this dope-ass line-up fool.

The Walking Dead (Bang for that thang! Punk for the drunk!)
Life Is Bonkers (The People's L.I.B. w/ new CD!)
Subvert Citizens (Y'all can't deny it, let's muthafuckin' riot!)
Grounded (From SoCal to the Hoosegow... Oi!)

So there you have it! On the real though, this show is gonna be ill! We played with Bonkers last Sunday as some of you may recall. Their new CD is a must have, quite sophisticated, with sick cover art by Skinner, their best yet!!! Subvert Citizens helped bring down the house last month at Dimple Records and they're gonna kick things off around nine o'clock. I haven't heard Grounded, but judging from their website (http://www.groundedpunk.com/) they're quite the talented up-and-comers. And as for us, The Walking Dead, we fuckin' rock sucka, you better ask somebody! If you don't know, now ya know.


The Walking Dead
Life Is Bonkers
Subvert Citizens
Tuesday July 12th
@ Shady Brady's
670 Riverside Blvd
Roseville, CA $5.00
21+ 9:00pm

Be there and/or be square.
-Zack B. Hectic
Friday, July 8th, 2005
5:26 pm
Shakespeare Bitch!
Here's a little postcard from your friendly neighborhood jet-setter!
Just got back from Ashland, Oregon and saw some mu-fuckin' Shakespeare bitches! It was pretty irie. Went with David, took mushrooms, spoke in silly Monty Python voices and are still struggling to stop. It's a hard, cold world.
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
3:02 pm
CD Release Show!
Word To Yo Mutha!!!
What is crackin' computerland? We here at Club Dead are doing our utmost to keep y'all hip to the facts. That's right, it's that time again... rock 'n' roll time! Shmyeah!!!
The Walking Dead are back with a new batch as it were, and we're ready and willing to knock some heads as we pull out all the stops (every last stop) for our first ever show (a matinee) with seminal Sac-punk legends....... LIFE IS BONKERS !!!!!
Indeed, Life Is Bonkers! Genetic James and Michael J. Mayhem bring their rock-infused brand of rock to the jive dive, the hell house, the "Coldest Beer in Town", On The Y!
You may have heard that On The Y is no longer booking shows, and this will be our last gig at the venerable venue of vermin and vino. Check the 'lliteration suckaz! Between rocking with The Dead and the Monday Nite HIp Hop Crew, we've drank a lot of High Life at On the Y, sharing the stage with such reknowned acts as Subvert Citizens, Sledgeback, and Final Summation. So join us for a day as we bid thee, On The Y, adieu.

CLUB DEAD EXCLUSIVE!!! This show is very special to us as we observe the BIRTHDAY of the man himself: Andy Christ! Lead singer and guitarist for The Walking Dead, Andy will be available for signings from 1:30-8:00pm so bring your flossiest glossies, and forget not the posse! Gift buyers take note, Andy is registered at AmPm and L'Amour Shoppe.

As if you weren't already whipped up into a fever pitch of excited delirium, dig this: It's a CD Release show for our pals in L.I.B. "Death Is Bonkers Too" is the title of their latest effort, but you probably already knew that from the write-up in Sacramento's very own "News & Review." Stop the press!

The Walking Dead
w/ Life Is Bonkers
Common Men
Drinking At YOur Funerals
Knife Thru Head
@ On The Y
670 Fulton Ave
Sunday, July 3rd
1:00pm ALL AGES

Right again hepcats. All Ages! So bring the little ones and tell them to bring the kids, cause there's no limit to the family friendly (not) insanity that might take place. And before you hesitate, remember as always, we HELLA rock!!!

Be there and/or be square!
-Zack B. Hectic
Monday, June 27th, 2005
11:34 am
God Bless Great America!
I went to Great America yesterday for the first time in my life. It was awesome.
Tony sprung for tickets for the whole band (in observance of Andy Christ's upcoming birthday) and enlisted the help of Ms. Stacy Ervin to drive our asses.
Top Gun was my favorite. It was really dope.
Drop Zone was the scariest. It only lasted a second and a half but trust me, that was PLENTY of time. It's all serene and shit as you gaze out upon beautiful California from the 22 story view. And then you realize that you're about to plummet straight to the ground. And then you drop. I shat myself. Just kidding about that.
Then we drove home when the park closed and went to Denny's. It was good.

OH! Denny's y'all! Check out the new "Big & Bountiful" breakfast specials for only $4.99. That's right, just $4.99!!!

I try and be helpful.

On the way home we sang "Row Row Row Your Boat" in rounds.
Friday, June 24th, 2005
5:20 pm
Back from Paris.

It was insane.

Thursday, June 9th, 2005
3:57 pm
Roseville Rocks!
Hey y'all!
So we played a really fun show last nite at Shady Brady's, our home away from home in sunny, err... rainy Roseville, CA. I found myself pleased and surprised with the turnout on a Wednesday night out of town (although Shady Brady's is really quite easy to get to) which is a good thing as our Seattle buddies Sledgeback were on tour. Never having toured myself I can only imagine that every dollar counts so it was swell that some peeps showed up.

The first band was fronted by this BIG dude with a radio sound. Chalkhead maybe? I heard folks describe the sound as Live or Collective Soul. Yes.

Sledgeback played next, really cool guys, it was a pleasure seeing them again. Since last we met they've trimmed dowwn to a three piece and although a couple of the interludes sounded a wee bit sparce, I felt the sound was altogether better and more dynamic. Good show fellas!!!

Now despite the weather and the moistness of the eve, it was quite hot inside Chez Brady's so I was torn between the urge to guzzle cold alcohol, and the need to remain relatively sober for my performance. A friend of ours on Hellcat Records was supposed to be there so by the time we hit the stage I had consumed three drinks in two hours, not bed for a lush eh? The show went really well despite some problems. Our sound came off quite muddy, at least from my location but next time I think wiser placement of amplificational devices should remedy the complaint. The muddy sound resulted in some, um... fuck-ups on my part, especially on a new song of ours, but no matter, we rocked out to our best and the crowd seemed to really dig it, thanks in no small part to Jamie our cheerleader, spirit squad, Dead girl extraordinaire! That girl's loco! At one point I looked up from my bass and she was on the ground looking quite helter skelter. I don't think she was even that drunk. You go girl! Later a small mosh pit opened up and I got kind of excited and next thing I knew, there I was with my bass in the pit. It was fun!

We made a rock 'n' roll exit with instruments delicately "thrown" to the ground but the crowd demanded more. So Tony got out from the behind the drum kit (which I occupied shortly thereafter) and rocked the bass AND vocals for our Too Short cover! My drumming went much better than last time luckily. We played one more after that and then busted into an impromptu version of "Story of my Life" just as some friends trickled in from the Social D show in Davis. You missed out folks!

So it was a fun time had by all eh what! I managed to secure a regular show there which is awesome! Starting in October The Walking Dead will be the house band the first Saturday of every month! We'll be able to get cool bands to come play with us, have cool theme nights, publicize the shit out of it, not to mention never working Viscious again. Joy! Sledgeback crashed on Andy and Tony's floor and offered us their hospitality should we make it up Seattle way (my hometown). They even mentioned setting us up with connections (?) which is interesting considering their status as a signed band. Oh yeah! ...And out come the wolves!!!

Come see us on Saturday suckers!

Saturday, June 4th, 2005
5:18 pm
Greetings Computerland!!!

Ahoy, from The Walking Dead! 'Tis true, it may have been some time since you last heard from us here at Club Dead, but we're back with a new batch baby! The Walking Dead (guitarist Andy Christ, drummer Tony Dead, and bassman Zack B. Hectic) have a couple July shows we are looking forward to with great anticipation (including shows with Sacramento legends Life Is Bonkers) but for the moment let us cast our watchful eye to the present.

After our whirlwind April tour of Carmichael dive bars, The Dead have been holed up in the garage working on some new platters. We got HELLA songs y'all! Not the least of which is a Tony Dead original, a tribute to his Highlands Heritage (North that is) we like to call 95660 (It's The Highlands Horror Show). It rocks, seriously, I'm not kidding you guys. No, really! We've got a new one for the radio (not!), a couple for the kids in the moshpit, hell, we even got a melody strictly for the lovers. Because nothing spells love better than S-W-E-A-T-Y G-A-R-A-G-E!

In other news:
-Zack B. Hectic was the first customer at the brand new KFC/A&W on Alhambra Blvd. He showed up and waited in "line." Give him a pat on the back folks!
-Our good friend Matthew Robert Bowers (writer, director, and college graduate!) has consented to assist with the new Walking Dead website which should be up this summer! Oh boy!
-The Walking Dead have signed a 5-album deal with Hellcat Records!
-Ah, I was just bullshittin'.
-Summertime y'all, let's cut loose!
-A member of The Dead (who shall remain anonymous) contracted a skin irritation from his deodorant and has been going without. A moment of silence please...

So by this time you may be wondering how to have these e-mails sent directly to your "Bulk" mailbox, but fear not dear reader, this is no scam! In all seriousness folks, we have recently acquired access to several million dollars of gold bullion in Nigeria, and if you just send us your bank account info, social security number, a copy of your signature, and your left retina, the gold is yours to disburse to charitable organizations as you see fit. Really!

But apart from that there's not much left to say! Except this shit y'all!


Wednesday June 8th
The Walking Dead
w/ Sledgeback
@ Shady Brady's
229 Riverside Blvd
Roseville, CA
10:00pm $5 21+
C'mon y'all, it's a Wednesday night in Roseville, what excuse could you possibly have? Our friends Sledgeback are all the way from Seattle, WA so we're trying to show them a lot of support on their tour. California Love!

Alright here it is ladies and germs, at long last, hell freezes over, the end is nigh...
THE WALKING DEAD PLAY AN ALL-AGES SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Dig:

Saturday June 11th
The Walking Dead
w/ Subvert Citizens
Red Sector L
@ Dimple Records
on Arden Blvd.

So there you have it, free show next Saturday afternoon! All ages! Righteous! Be there, be square, come one come as you are! No really, y'all should seriously come out, we're hella good. HELLA!

-Zack B. Hectic
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
2:08 pm
Shmyeah, see!
I just saw the governor. I think I'm actually bigger than he is. Shmyeah, see!
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
1:31 pm
Highlights (Fun with a Purpose)
Journal Posting #4 for the month of May. My, how prolific I have become!
Let me tell ya 'bout a show tonite. That's right, it's everybody's favorite band ever... The Walking Dead!!!

We're playing tonite at On The Y w/ local phenoms Innocence. Several people are of the understanding that it is going to "rock". Not that anybody will read this in time. Seems like my live journal posse is busy on Saturdays. Hmm.

For those of you who have seen me perform with Sean Bollinger as The Dynamic Uno, you will be pleased to hear that Sean had a baby!!! (Actually I'm told it was his wife Lisa who had the little one, but Sean was involved with the process.) IT'S A BOY!!! Yes, lil' Nathan came around on Wednesday as I was sitting there thinking "Sean, we're supposed to jam tonite. Are you gonna like, call me or something?" Priorities, eh?

SLACKER FANS TAKE NOTE!!! The NYC Ska Masters will be performing at Slim's in San Francisco (site of the recent Desmond Dekker extravaganza). So if you haven't seen the Slackers, and you're not a fan of bad music, check 'em out! June 22nd, 2005. That's the day I get in from Gay Paree and I'm going. "I came all the way from Paris to see you guys!" (Oh by the way Seanna, if you still wanna come to Paris you should probably get your tickets soon.) SLACKER RIOT!

Wanna hear about my math class? I GOT A C!!!! Yaaay! I needed a 74% on the comprehensive final, and with a little help from my dear homegirl Sarah, I got an 84%! Boo-yeah! Thanks Sarah!

I'm worried about the heat I must say. I did get a "C" but I have yet to acquire "AC". No insulation in the attic I call home. Last year my roommate had a car. Am I doomed to swelter? Will I accomplish anything this summer? Will my socks be clean? Stay tuned for more posts as gripping as the last!!!
Saturday, May 14th, 2005
1:30 pm
School is HELLA loco y'all. I seemed to succeed with my juggling act earlier in the year, but now that finals are hittin' the fan, shit is a-suckin'. I bombed my math test yesterday. I mean BOMBED like I'll be lucky to get 25%. It wasn't my final though, that's on Wednesday, worth 40% of my grade and comprehensive. >GULP< I was up 'till 3 in the mornin' doing my final project for music theory, squinting at the manuscript paper and using a dull pencil for miniscule music notation. Then I went to bed. But it will all be over soon. That's right, I'm killing myself! You heard it here first! Breaking news on the suicide front! No, I'm playin' y'all! Takin' me seriously an' shit. I just meant school's almost over for the semester. Then summer!

Are you ready to get crazy? Crazy summer, good movies (hopefully), punk shows (The Walking Dead are poised for a summer uprising), late night drinking in the park, sweat, all this and more! I'm so excited!

Going to Paris.

Going to Ashland.

Going to get high. Oh yeah! We (The Walking Dead) are working on a CD of ROUGH (very bad) recordings from early shows and garage takes tentatively titled "I Knew Them When They Sucked." Three bucks each. Also word on the street has it that a website is in the works. Maybe we'll get a chat group or something so "rumors can fly". So think up some good rumors to get started.

Going to Fist-fest.

Top 5 Summertime Albums
1) Shaggy- "Hotshot" That's right, if you don't like it, I have a nut (or two) which you are truly more than welcome to suck.

2) Lil Brian & The Zydeco Travelers-

This just in !!!!!!

Thursday, May 12th, 2005
2:23 pm
School is loco!!
Saturday, May 7th, 2005
2:18 pm
Boisterous Variations
So last night presented such posse as was assembled our fair share of drama for the eve. I began my evening with my mother who took me out for my birthday. That's right folks, twenty-five years old and balder than ever before! Have you seen my new haircut? Neither have I! I'm told Patrick Stewart was gray at nineteen, irrelevant as that may be. Fun birthday on Monday. Talked to a cute little floozie at Club Raven. She went out for a smoke. "No me gusta" David says indicating a dislike for the female in question. Then she comes back inside, starts talking to David and next thing you know, they're making out before my very eyes, perched on their cute little barstools like it was "Old Home Week". I don't know what that means by the way, but I think people say that. It was disgusting.
Isn't it great that I'm in school learning such marvels as how to properly construct a paragraph?
So I go out to eat with my mom and her man Paul, and then I go home, read, and sleep. (By the way I'm overcome with cool books, too many of which I'm attempting to read all at the same time. Pickwick Papers by Chuck Dickens, Robert Mailer Anderson's Boonville, Night Shift by Mr. King, a collection of Charles Bukowski short stories, porn, other literary classics.) Then I go to work at Ye Old Ironsides. After a pleasant fifteen minutes of grueling labor (as in standing by a door talking to Larry) I was informed that I was not in fact scheduled to work at all. I picked a good show to not work though with Sac-Town phenoms Didley Squat, LGS, and The Dead Hensons (a muppet song cover band). Promising. But I left with GJames to hit Ye Old Tavern. I figure any spot downtown with "Old" in the title can't be that bad, and probably in fact has Pabst. I was right!
Yes James took me over (to the OT) in observation of a birthday- the birthday of a certain "Bear" (possibly a stage name), guitar player for Final Summation. So we're chillin' right? Enter Andy.
Andy Christ, guitar player for The Walking Dead (my band stupid!). General mirth is observed by all present, and said mirth is soon accompanied by cheerful boisterousness. Boisterism? Boisterosity? The situation remained boisterizationalized but the cheerfulness suddenly faded. Bear punched Andy's jaw. I personally missed the whole episode, wanting to spare the friendly OT staff the unpleasantness of seeing me, a long time patron, involved with such ungentlemanly shenanigans. But Andy was pissed. I had a great time though! Bear was drunkenly apologizing, and cited his birthday and intoxication as factors in the rowdy events described above. Bear even requested the kindness of a return punch but Andrew demurred. Maybe next time jack! After that I kissed a girl (score!) went to Willie's, McDonald's, and bed! Crazay!

In other breaking news, we're playing with Subvert Citizens at Dimple Records! But I don't know when. Yet!

Peace friends, hope all is well with you!

(Twenty letters y'all, unnh!)
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